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CLOVE HILL Bowel Rejuvenator

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The goal of this formula is to naturally restore normal bowel function without creating dependency on laxatives. The herbs in this formula will work to re-stimulate regular bowel movements, tone colon muscles, restore peristalsis, heal inflammation and relax areas of tension in the large intestine.

The Bowel Rejuvenator and Vitalizer is taken as a series, first the Rejuvenator for 45 days, then the Vitalizer for 45 days and again the Rejuvenator for another 45 days. Then they should both be stopped and taken again only when needed.

The Bowel Rejuvenator formula contains: Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Root, Oregon Grape Root, Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb, Wahoo and Culver's Root.  *avoid during pregnancy.

Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Root, Golden Seal (or Thyme), Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb, Wahoo, Culver's Root.

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